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Employment Practices Liabilty Protection

In recent months, a new kind of insurance policy known as an EPL – Employment Practices Liability policy – has become commonly offered by insurance agents.

With so many regulations being handed down, such as the Civil Rights Act 1964, ADEA, FMLA, and others, it has become more and more challenging for employers to keep up and comply with these regulations. To adapt, employers are considering new kinds of insurance coverage to manage risks associated with compliance.

As an employer, you can tackle the issue of compliance with such laws in at least two ways.

First, do some internal updating/ development work in areas like the following:

  • develop a good employee handbook;
  • use guidance from the Department of Labor Website in your hiring and employee procedure guides;
  • establish clear guidelines for advancement and wage practices within your company;
  • comply with OSHA safety practices and update your safety manual;
  • hold regular scheduled mandatory meetings on topics such as safety, privacy, and harassment.

Second, if you feel you are still at risk and need additional liability protection for these kinds of concerns, then consider purchasing an EPL policy.

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