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Get the Most from Your Coverage, Pt 2

Why have more when you can have the most? The tips in this series show you how you can get the most out of your insurance.

Tip #4:  Get the Most with your personal Inventory.

It’s no secret that at time of claim, if you can produce an inventory of your belongings, be it equipment, furniture, clothing, appliances, or other property, you will enhance the speed and efficiency of the claim process.  The act of creating an inventory also serves as a terrific double check to make sure you have the correct amount of coverage.  That’s because the exercise of documenting and putting a value on your belongings allows you to calculate a total value figure.  You can then live large and compare that figure with your policy declarations to determine whether you have too much coverage, too little coverage, or just the right amount.

Tip #5: Get the Most by consulting with a qualified Local Agency.

Sandhills Insurance Group is your neighborhood insurance agency, less than one mile from Tournament Boulevard at 12303 Hwy 707.  Sandhills currently serves teachers, realtors, accountants, restaurant owners, first time home buyers, HOA boards, retail stores, vacation home owners, property management companies, attorneys, ministers, veterinarians, designers, dentists, doctors, moms, coaches, salesmen, musicians, nurses, children, architects, retirees, builders…people just like you.

Tip #6: Contact Sandhills Insurance Group Today and Get the Most from your Coverage.

Give us a call at (843) 251-4896 or email and get the most out of life, through life’s ups and downs.