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About Us

The Sandhills Guiding Principle

Treat our customers with the same care we ourselves expect as customers of others.

About Sandhills Insurance Group:

Sandhills Insurance Group is committed to bringing best-in-class insurance products and services to its customers, at competitive prices while providing superior support.

Sandhills Insurance Group is domiciled in Murrells Inlet South Carolina, and is licensed in multiple states for property/casualty, health/life/accident, and travel/ lodging protection.  Sandhills Insurance Group does business as in certain states.

Sandhills Insurance Group partners with technology providers, brokers, agents, agencies, underwriters, TPAs, and even the departments of insurance to see that best practices, ethical standards, and customer-friendly policies, processes and procedures imbibe the customer experience from initial contact, to purchase, to service, to claim.

About David Hays:

David E. Hays is a co-founder and manager of Sandhills Insurance Group. David offers more than 15 years of experience advising business owners concerning critical issues from commercial and liability concerns, to benefits and human resource management. As founder and manager of Sandhills Insurance Group, David is committed to excellence in service, knowledge of his field, and integrity in his approach to selling and doing business.

Core Values of Sandhills Insurance Group

We aim to demonstrate our commitment to our clients by living out our core values:

I.     Honesty – We tell the truth.  We give appropriate facts.  We put the facts in context.  We advise our clients thoroughly with accuracy.
II.     Diligence – We work hard, educating ourselves and our clients, providing enthusiastic, helpful, on-going service.
III.     Timeliness- We return all phone calls and emails within one business day. We recognize the priority of our client’s situation. We provide valuable updates when or before they are needed.