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Agents and agencies benefit when they partner with Sandhills Insurance Group, LLC.  Sandhills Insurance Group is licensed in multiple states and offers experienced insight into multi-state, technology-enabled insurance distribution.  Sandhills is a qualified supervising entity for travel retailers, providing robust support with sales practices, disclosure, and state-specific document delivery for lodging and damage protection programs.

Meeting Travel Retailer Needs

Most travel industry retailers serve customers from many states, but can not go-it-alone in the support of multi-state licensing, compliance, and technological initiatives necessary to ensure the timely, ethical, accurate service and support of required insure-tech standard deliverables.  By partnering with Sandhills Insurance Group, retailers gain access to vital tools and supports needed to enable retailing businesses to excel.

Unique Partnerships

Sandhills Insurance Group partners with a variety of interested parties to maximize success:

  • Brokers
  • Property Managers
  • Underwriters
  • TPAs
  • Software Service Providers

Program Solutions

Sandhills Insurance Group’s unique partnerships deliver access to vital programs to meet a variety of customer needs in multiple market segments:

  • Property Protection
  • Lodging & Trip Cancellation
  • Rental Property Liability Management
  • Travel-Medical
  • Benefits Procurement & Administration