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Group Property and Casualty Solutions

Sandhills Insurance Group brings access to highly-rated carriers to meet a variety of needs including.:

  • Improving Coverage for Commercial Lines
  • Reducing Costs
  • Minimizing Liability Exposure
  • Implementing Group Master Policy strategies
  • Managing Transaction-based Programs

Sandhills connects agents, retailers, and their businesses with experts in the specialty products field to protect property, reduce risk, add value and foster peace of mind.

Packaged Solutions

Sandhills Insurance Group helps agents and businesses implement and manage plans that connect their clients with the right coverage, aided by technological solutions to ensure the accurate and timely delivery of coverage documents and coverage information.

The Sandhills approach is to meet with our clients in order to:

  • Listen to and understand each unique need
  • Help design an approach that meets identified objectives
  • Cooperate with the client and our technology and insurance parters to implement and execute the approach
  • Provide superior ongoing support and customer service

To get started with Sandhills, email or call (843) 286-5144