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1.     I am a property manager. Is a Property Protection plan right for my guests?

A property protection plan can be the right fit.  Professional managers looking to eliminate the hassle of security deposits and create a more positive experience with their guests have found that charging a small fee for limited property protection is a far better strategy than charging huge security deposits.

2.     I need to talk to a human being, can you talk?

Sure! Call us at (843) 286-5144.

3.     I have a liability package; can you get me coverage for less?

Probably:  give us a call at (843) 286-5144.

4.     I am an agent targeting professional property managers.  What do I need to know about coverage that protects my client’s properties and covers liability when I they it out?

We have access to companies specializing in various types of property protection programs designed specifically for professional managers.  Some programs protect only the to-the-studs contents and structure such as flooring, furniture, and appliances.  Other programs include liability that is activated when the unit is rented and which protects the actual structure from more serious perils.

5.     I am a retailer offering travel insurance.  Can you give us some sound advice?

Yes, we provide serious support and, in fact, require compliance-mindedness.  Through our licensing support, sales training, product training, and website reviews, our clients gain confidence and provide their owners and guests with accurate, timely, and helpful solutions.

1.     How can I implement online enrollment?

We can help you  create a unique customized process that presents your package and get your employees enrolled.

2.     I heard I should update my summary plan document every year but, I am not sure of where to start; can you help?

Absolutely!  Some insurance companies actually offer compliance support for pre-tax plans , including summary plan documents and discrimination testing for no charge.  And through our exclusive compliance initiative, Sandhills will provide with sound advice and effective tools that manage compliance risks.

3.     Can you quote my group health and my worker’s comp?

Sure! Each team member at Sandhills Insurance Group has expertise in specific lines and products.  We will connect you with the right person who will exceed your expectations.

4.     Healthcare reform is on my mind: what do you know about it?

Lots! Several  new regulations implemented this year greatly impact businesses.  We can help you keep up with changes including the recent changes to children health insurance, concerns about quotation gran fathered plans, and new rules coming in 2018.

1.      How can HOAs find better coverage, service, and pricing?

Talk to us; at Sandhills, we ask the right questions and we work with numerous highly rated carriers who want your business and have the answers you are looking for.

2.     What is an H S A plan and is it right for me?

An HSA plan is a qualified high deductible insurance plan that reduces the premiums you pay for the insurance an allows for individuals and families to setup a personally owned and funded health savings account.

These tax- advantaged accounts can be funded by both the individual an by the employer.  Individuals looking to reduce premiums and businesses looking for a more cost effective plan have saved hundreds an thousands of dollars switching to an HSA qualified plan.

3.     I just need an insure-tech solution that takes my business online.  How do I leverage combine insurance and technology?

First, Sandhills partners with insurance specialists such as brokers and world-class underwriters to ensure you are getting the right insurance program to meet your needs. Secondly, Sandhills partners with technology experts to help you administrate your program, manage data, and experience timely, accurate document delivery, and stay compliant.

4.     How can I control costs with an HRA?

An HRA is a health reimbursement arrangement setup by the employer to pay medical benefits on behalf of covered employees.  Pairing a low cost major medical plan with an HRA has become very popular in the past 5 years because technology has allowed claims payment an administration to become much simpler.  Employers win because they can reduce premium outlays and retain any unused HRA funds and liabilities at the end of each year.  Employees gain first dollar coverage for claims and they get a bigger paycheck each pay cycle.   Many groups reduce cost more than 20% the first year of implementation.  Contact for more information.

5.     How will Healthcare Reform impact my costs?

Several new regulations implemented this year greatly impact businesses.  Sandhills can help you keep up with changes including the recent changes to children’s health insurance, concerns about small business tax credits, and the coming healthcare exchanges.